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From the mouthwatering “Blue Ridge BBQ Burger,” combining smoky barbecue with the juiciest beef, to the “Mountain Harvest Poutine,” a savory fusion of local cheeses and fresh-picked local veggies, Johnson City offers a gastronomic adventure you won’t find anywhere else!



1805 W State of Franklin Rd.

2607 N Roan St.

529 W Market St.

101 E 8th Ave.

308 E Main St.

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104 Tipton St.

1805 W State of Franklin Rd.

71 Wilson Ave.

1803 W Market St.

2203 McKinley Rd.

111 McClure St.

3301 N Roan St.

121 N Commerce St.

1805 N Roan St.

1216 W State of Franklin Rd.

1736 W State of Franklin Rd.

4100 N Roan St.

238 E Main St.

2530 E Oakland Ave.

2201 Ferguson Rd.

117 W Fairview Ave.

214 E. Mountcastle Dr., Suite 1J

1701 W State of Franklin Rd.

1409 E Main St.

126 Buffalo St.

101 Buffalo St.

2010 Franklin Terrace Ct.

305 W Oakland Ave.

126 Buffalo St.

1404 W State of Franklin Rd.

1018 W Market St.

1805 N Roan St.

121 Commerce St.

3020 Franklin Terrace

203 Princeton Rd.

2011 N Roan St.

101 E Unaka Ave.

627 W Walnut St.

600 N State of Franklin Rd.

1061 Hamilton Place

1150 W State of Franklin Rd.

109 Buffalo St.

121 Spring St.

300 W Main St.

109 Cherry St.

1805 N Roan St.

1000 S Roan St.

2104 W Market St.

3101 W Market St.

110 Tipton St.

1709 W. State of Franklin Rd.

410 S Roan St.

1705 W. Market St.

324 E Main St.

117 Spring St.

415 W Walnut St.

1033 W Oakland Ave.

807 W Walnut St.

2726 E Oakland Ave.

601 Spring St.

330 Cherry St.

1033 Hamilton Place

601 Spring St. (inside Southern Craft)

220 W Market St.

112 Tipton St.

111 Broyles Dr.

300 S Roan St.

211 E Main St.

2510 N Roan St.

227 E Main St.

300 E Main St.

1045 Hamilton Place Dr.

1827 W State of Franklin Rd

1735 W State of Franklin Rd.

2412 N Roan St.

230 Marketplace Blvd.

500 W Walnut St.

1091 Hamilton Place

142 W Market St.

106 S Commerce St.

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Do Johnson City your way by experiencing the thrill of Tannery Knobs Mountain Bike Park or slow it down with the family on the Tweetsie Trail. Venture out at night to the Windsor Speakeasy or dance your way to the stage at a local bar, Down Home. Make memories around the dinner table at Label, one of our most popular restaurants in town or grab a quick bite to eat at a beloved local drive-thru, Pal’s Sudden Service. Whatever the mood is, Johnson City makes it happen. Go all out!

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