The Hideaway

Jake Dwyer Band, Jon Charles Dwyer, The Late State

The Hideaway 235 E Main St, Johnson City, TN, United States

Jake Dwyer Band Album Release Party Jake Dwyer Band is a country/alt/blues trio out of Johnson City, Tennessee. Jake sings heartfelt and soulful songs rooted in vintage blues rock tones, while intertwining a psychedelic groove. His trio, Jake Dwyer Band released their debut album “Late” in 2022, followed by their new EP “Driving Thoughts” in 2023. On March 1st 2024 the band releasing their third self released record “Opportunity”. They have been touring the eastern US for the past few years. Some notable places Jake has played include: The Pour House in Charleston, SC, Midtown & Harlem NYC, Brown’s Diner in Nashville, TN, and Jonesborough, TN’s Music On The Square.

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