Gray Fossil Site


Gray Fossil Site

By on Aug 11 2023

Gray Fossil Site

Gray Fossil Site

1212 Suncrest Dr.
Gray, TN 37615


The Gray Fossil Site is a one-of-a-kind paleontological resource preserving the remains of hundreds of extinct species that lived in East Tennessee 5 million years ago. Discovered in 2000 during road construction, the site is now home to the East Tennessee State University Museum of Natural History and the Hands On! Discovery Center. It is an active fossil dig site and a hub of education and scientific research. Hundreds of plant and animal fossils have been unearthed so far including: saber tooth cat, alligator, tapir, rhinoceros, short-faced bear, red panda, and a 10-ton mastodon. For visitor information, please see Hands On! Discovery Center.

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