Numan’s Billiards

225 E. Main St.
Johnson City, TN

About Numan’s Billiards

This Downtown building was a wreck when Dan first looked at it in 1991. He decided it would be a good investment because of the price.
Little did he know what he was in for. Almost twenty years later he is still working and repairing. The building is now in its best condition and every part of it is useable.

He has re-roofed it twice, the first time was not done properly, so he did it himself the second time.

The electric service was almost nonexistent, the plumbing was a joke, several of the floors were buckled, and ceilings were on the floor.

It took almost two years to get it done enough so he could open one small part of the bar, restaurant.

It now has a main floor with 100 seat restaurant, a full bar, 9 pool tables, 5 table poker room, a small stage and seating area. The second floor has two bars, a main stage and dancing area and 12 pool tables.

There is a half floor above the kitchen with an office and a two bedroom, one bath guest quarters.

On the second floor we built a 1500 sq ft one bedroom apartment and we are in the process of adding a master bedroom and bath which will make it a 2000sq ft, two bedroom, two bath. Sometimes it is OK to live above your business and other times you would like to just get away from it. Here are some pictures of our apartment as it was being built. I don't have pictures of what this space looked like to begin with. It was about 9 or 10 small rooms in very bad condition.