Greg’s Pizza

109 Broyles Dr.
Johnson City, TN

About Greg’s Pizza

Greg’s Pizza of Johnson City was founded by Greg Campanello of Elkhart, Indiana.  Greg had worked for the original “Volcano Pizza” located in Elkhart before purchasing the business.  After his purchase of the business, he added his name and it became known as “Greg’s Volcano Pizza”.  To this day, there are still three Greg’s Volcano Pizza located in Elkhart, Indiana.  In 1963, Greg opened up the his first pizza parlor in Johnson City on Broyles Drive which he simply named, “Greg’s Pizza”. 

The name “Volcano Pizza”, which is still on the Greg’s Pizza boxes, is the original “Everything Pizza”.

Greg had a favorite pizza which had pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, mushroom and cheese toppings.  This pizza he named after himself- “Greg’s Special” and gave it a special price point which is continued to this day.

In 1972, Greg opened the Elizabethton store.  During the 1970’s and 80’s, Greg’s Pizza also had additional locations in Johnson City on Greenwood Drive and in Bristol.  In 1992, Mike Cunningham bought both of the Tennessee locations of Greg’s Pizza from Greg Campanello.  Mike operated the stores in Johnson City and Elizabethton up until 2012.

Greg’s Pizza is still locally owned and operated by East Tennessee folks that know the importance of traditions and exceeding the expectations of their customers!